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North West legislature conducted a public hearing on MPRDA on the 20th of April in Rustenburg civic centre

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/24 April 2017


The aim of the bill:

  • To remove ambiguities that exists within the bill.
  • To stream-line administrative process, also
  • To provide for the regulation of the mining industry through beneficiation of the minerals or mineral Products.


The hearing was less different from the January hearing of TKLB in Rustenburg civic centre as the changes of the bill couldn’t reach d satisfactions of the public. The public raised a fact that every time during public hearings kings/chiefs do not attend, “do they even get invites”, and also complained about last minutes invites.

“You people you don’t know your job, every time on hearings the public should workshop you…”said Thusi Rapoo of BLBA. The bill was declined by the public and requested to do some corrections that will benefit the mine hosting communities instead of worsening up the situation.