Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Six Decades of Suffering

Community Alerts/ Gilbert Moela/Limpopo/08 May 2017



With almost six decades as a mining community and almost 3 decades in democracy the Community of Monametse Village in Limpopo Tubatse- Fetakgomo local municipality is enduring the wrath of the apartheid regime with the mine not recognizing them as legitimate stakeholders. The community has for the past decades suffered unfair distribution of water services from both the local municipality and the mine which is practically operating within its vicinity. The mine has access to clean quality water on daily basis whilst the community has to queue for water once a week if they are lucky. Almost 5 ground water boreholes has dried up as the result of the operation and the local municipality has done nothing but to shift its responsibility to the mine with both parties pointing fingers at each other. After 23 years of democracy the only service the municipality can point is the Apollo light which has been erected 2 years back. This is a clear indication that the mine together with the municipality careless about Monametse Village.