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The community says No to blasting, but the mine goes ahead

Community Alerts/Lorraine Kakaza/Mpumalanga/17 May 2917

Today I visited the community of Kazuka (5cent) which is well known as Groenvallei farm at Carolina  which is under Chief  Albert Luthuli Municipality .I visited the Mbokane’s family, they told me about the mines that surround  them and the bad treatment from POM’s, Phembani mine as well as East Side, the  community has been complaining  about employment and other health related issues.  Community members have started having sinus, respiratory challenges and illness linked to poor air and water quality, dust from the mine and constant moving trucks.

The mine promised to build houses with running water, street lights, kraal for their livestock, and community recreational/sports facilities for children to play, but none of these has been made into a reality and the community is feed up with mine management lies and empty promises .

Last week there was a meeting that was called by Steward who works for East side mine, last week they told the Groenvallei community that they will be blasting soon and the mine is 500m away so it won’t affect them, but the community refused and  ended up taking the register and burnt it due to their frustrations of the mine.

Later I spoke with the youth some of them didn’t like what is happening, they used to have windmill and at some stage it was no longer working they then relied on the municipality to give them clean water. They would fight to access water from JoJo tanks that were not even clean and now they were bribed by drilling water. They were informed that there will a meeting on Friday the 15th of May, which will be held at Town hall for answers from DMR and only three community members were allowed to present to represent the community yet no one has agreed for the mine to blast.

What was is that strange today the mine sent texts that were written as follows “Please be advised we have a blast scheduled for today at 15:00 pm on Groenvallei 7 mine” The community says no to blasting but the mine has powers after the community refused they bribed them by drilling water. By Lorraine Kakaza