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Update of the meeting of women affected by mining

Community Alerts/Lorraine Kakaza/Carolina-Mpumalanga/19 April 2017


On the 11/04/2017 we had held a meeting at Carolina at a place called feather bird with women affected in mining  coming from different parts of Mpumalanga province which as follows Carolina, Delmas, Ermelo, Sekhululiwe, Middelburg, and Ekurhuleni. The meeting main focus was the closing down of two coal fire power station around Mpumalanga which brings hope and opportunity to the artisanal mining (zama-zama’s) meaning that there is a project that will run for 10 months In the new Nuclear power station do far there is 26 space for those who are Interested. But the question remains is were are they going to get the skills and the training of Nuclear cause many people are in need of jobs. How dangerous is it cause its can explode anytime. Where does South Africa future stand cause even at school children haven’t been thought about Nuclear.

The reality is Nobody can deny this revolutionary it has came with the conscious of technical application of science to the process of production in general especial to the exploration of soil, mining companies underground, open cast, market. I believe that is high time to distinguish the study of the capitalist mode of production as a theoretical object and the concrete historical study of a social formation and the class struggles within it. Think about tomorrow not today only what about the next generations.