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After the mining saga the Tigane community is suffering a lot

Community Alerts/David Faanakgomo/Klerksdorp/02 June 2017

Tigane community is one of the suffering communities due to the retrenchments of the mining sector. Hence it is suffering high rate of robbery and people being mugged. To the community’s surprise, with that high rate of robbery and mugging, its satellite police station is closed.

Now the community and people around the farms has to travel more than 3km to reach the nearest police station, which on the other side serves the Hartbeesfontein community, Dominionville and the surrounding farms which are more than 10km away from Hartbeesfontein. After the Uraniumone mine has retrenched the workers, the whole community was stricken by poverty. Most of the miners as far as from Lesotho and Eastern Cape who are staying in informal settlements of Tigane are struggling. Now even the farmers are complaining about theft and even the old aged are being robbed in their homes.

The police satellite is closed! People are struggling to get the police’s help. Even with women abuse it takes a longer time before the assistance is got. When I approached one of the senior police officials who didn’t want me to mention his name, he said “We are facing a shortage of police officials, since the mine shafts were closed most of our officials are sent to Klerksdorp police station. Even I was sent there after a promotion. Our community is struggling when police help is most needed.” Now with satellite closed the community members cannot even have simple services like certifying without paying taxi fare to go to the nearest police station. By David Faanakgomo