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Chrome mine promised residents in close proximity to its operation R2500 Six years later they are told to work for it.

Community Alerts/Uenice Mampa/Limpopo/20 May 2017

Ga-Mampa community had a general meeting to discuss and plan a protest towards Sefateng Chrome mine we needed to strategise as we intend to apply for a legal march at Tubatse-Feta Kgomo local municipality. Our greatest challenge is that the mine conducts its blasting daily without notice and we don’t know if it is against the law or if they are allowed. I still remember it was in 27th November 2011 when we had a meeting at Phasha community hall and they told us that they will give people who are residing next to mine R2500 for blasting; today we were told they must work for it. I shared a light regarding the application to a march I wish they listened to me when I told them that they will never give us permission to protest or they will tell us to wait for 21 days plus 14 days.

24th May 2017

Report from Sefateng mine, we managed to have meeting today instead of strike with Mr John Daly, Vimbie, Burgesfort police, Queen of Ga-Phasha Nareadi and Chief of Ga-Mampa Jack Mr John. We were told us to write down all our grievances down and we did all that and he promised us that by Tuesday all our demand will be answered to. There were about 300 people who were outside to hear the answers from John, we also managed to stop an illegal mine in Ga-Phasha by John in the name of Sefateng mine, we found out that there was a chosen committee from Ga-Phasha who were the only people to benefit on that opencast illegal mining. We also told them that their blasting is affecting us very badly, making too much noise and it’s near the houses.

By Eunice Mampa

Illegal mining which was stopped by the community.