Tunatazama - Community Monitors

One activist gives the community hope that things will be better through his activism

Community Alerts/Mathapelo/Limpopo/10 June 2017

On the 6 we went to door to door with Action Aid Social Audit team that was led by community of Monametse in Atok. This village is affected by Anglo American, mining operations under Bokone.

It was touching and inspiring to listen to old people talk about how the mine divided them as communities in order to get away with their empty promises. This family showed us the cracks of the very nice house that the mine has built and the weak foundation the mine made for the people of Mmalingine, there are sewage that was built in 2014, the families complains that the mine is not maintaining even today and they are no longer using the toilets because when they flush the dirt comes back.  This family has built the house there since 2015 but the house is not cracked so they told me that the mine used cheap material to build them the houses. What made me happy is when they said they still think that one day things will be better because of the work our fellow comrade Moshabi is doing in the village. By Mathapelo-Limpopo