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Our parents are losing their livestock and nobody cares

Community Alerts/ Mathapelo/Limpopo/13 June 2017

Today the 13/06/2017 I received a call from one of the herdsman from Morapaneng who found his cattle dead next to Motse Bridge. The cow started to urinate blood on Sunday and he rushed to buy medicine yesterday but when he came back the cow never return from grazing post. This morning he was informed by the other Herdsman that they saw his cow next to the bridge and when he run to the place he found the cow dead. The dead cow has a calf and it was the first time it was still young and Mr Maakhudu was hoping to have more calves from it. But today he was disappointed and he even called the community representative and told him about this matter but he never showed up.  Mr Maakhudu was so disappointed by what the representative told him that he doesn’t have proper phone to take pictures. It really hurting how our parents are losing their livestock and nobody cares. By Mathapelo-Limpopo