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Police and Red ants removing people from invading space that does not belong to them

Community Alerts/ Jomo Khumalo/Ekurhuleni/ 16 June 2017

According to the police people invaded the land that does not belong to them because they have been promise that they will build houses for them in that area by their local Councillor. It’s been years now and they have been waiting. So they started to build shacks in that area. Couple of neighbors started to complain about the shacks and crime around there, they decided to group themselves and write a petition to their police commissioner about the matter.

The Police came in with Red ants to remove those people with their shacks. This shows that our local government are still promising people things when they are about to go for local election. Their slogan is now (they will never stop until it’s done). By Jomo Khumalo-EEO