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Community Alerts/Francina /Limpopo/11 June 2017

Mokolo bridge is found on the R33 road when entering Lephalale under (Lephalale Municipality) in the Waterberg district at Limpopo .

Years back around the early 2000 before Medupi was built, Mokolo river was full of sand and water so communities were going to the river to catch fishes to feed themselves so as their families, but now it is dry and farm owners living next to that river struggle to pump water and also the bricks project owners struggle to get water and sand from the river.

The bridge of R33 is also in trouble because the is no soil to cover the bottom of the bridge because of soil erosion  and the main problem is that the road is way too busy, used especially by trucks that export coal from EXXARO Coal mine and also different public transport from different cities . We have a problem of lack of water. By Francina