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Sometimes you must stand to what is important to you or to your village

Community Alerts/Tokelo/Limpopo/31 May 2017

The community of Moroke Sekutlong around Sekhukhune District at Burgersfort were attending the first introductory meeting on 06th May 2016 it was Sunday where they were introducing a ward Councillor, CDW and their team management of ward 14. The community was angry at our new ward Councillor and her team management. On that day they were arguing with no solution until the visitors left, the anger is a result of what has happened in the past years. They said “Sekutlong does not have VIP Toilets, RDPs and projects like other villages.

On 9th of May they gathered to rectify what they did o Sunday as they realised that what they did was not good. They came up with a plan and wrote everything they want as community, now they are waiting on the team management to come so they submit to them. The meeting was very successful compared to what we saw on Sunday of 06th. We just hope the Councillor and her team will hear them out and deliver to the community, last week they came to the village and did a research about the water we drink, that means they saw action through the community that day.    By Tokelo Limpopo-Sekhukhune