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Community Alerts/Tokelo/Limpopo/11 June 2017

There’s a village called Moroke Sekutlong that is situated next to R37 road and Thokoane village under Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse Municipality at Limpopo

The village is suffering due to bad roads for years now. We are facing a challenge when is raining cause there’s a mud that delays our vehicles and school kids transports when they come to pick our children to school. Five years back Sekutlong village and Thokoane village were under one ward (Ward 9) with counsellor Nkwana, when the road were discussed they were looking at those two wards/villages, so our Municipality promised to build an access road that goes with access bridge three years back but that access failed.

This year due to geo tag our village is under ward 14 under a new counsellor Makofane. What happened few weeks ago our municipality approved that access road under ward 9, that’s when we took a step and alerted them that, as ward 14 that road suit us as well we must take part on the project as it will pass on our village, the municipality didn’t have a problem with that.

Around our village there’s a person who represent Royal house we call him/her (Ntona), that’s where the problem started, we went there me, Counsellor and CDW just to alert that Ntona about the access road and he must give us a go ahead to go to the royal house (Moshate). The Ntona didn’t take us to that part, only to find out that Ntona says bad things about us at Royal house. On the first of June we went to royal house just to alert the Chief about the project and we found bad news about us. On the 08th June we went there again and we heard an agreement and she gave us a go ahead where we can introduce Contract Man.

On 09 June counsellor, CDW and contract Man went there as well. They said ” the chief wanted  money just to welcome a contract man she wanted R10000.00 ,5 percent from project budget and the money for soil and stone that they are going to use, when we counted that money is close to R100 000.00 “. So now there’s no way forward and it might happen that the road won’t be built around our village. This shows our Royal houses (Chiefs) don’t care about the community they just care about their pocket. By Tokelo-Limpopo