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An 87 year old man harassed by Royal Bafokeng Land Unit Security officers

Community Alerts/ Kennedy Phalose/Thekwane-Rustenburg/17 July 2017

Since the beginning of July Royal Bafokeg Land Unit security has been harassing 87 year old resident of Madibana Community in Thekwana, Rustenburg. Mr Tobias Maroale gave his daughter money to register a business certificate with CIPC and Tax clearance with SARS. After that he took his saving and bought building materials. Troubles started when he commenced with building a tuck-shop in his yard. Royal Bafokeng land unit told him to stop the project.

From the beginning it was quite clear that Mr Maroale was being victimized because he is  one of the people who have a land claim court case against Royal Bafokeng   Authority because other  people who are renting their buildings to Somalians, Mr Maroale was the only one targeted even though he showed them his daughter’s business complaint papers.

On the 11/07/2017 around 09h44 two of Land unit securities approached him and instructed him to stop but he refused then they radioed back up of two double cab van full of other security personnel. They forcefully took the builders tools and equipments and a mixture of 5 bags of wet cement and sand which was left to dry there. During this altercation Mr Maroale fell down as they pulled one of the tools he was holding. Mr Maroale went to see the doctor and went to SAPS to lay criminal charges against the security personnel who invaded and hurt him. By Kennedy Phalose