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Chaneng clinic operated with two professional nurses

Community Alerts/Collen Raphata/Chaneng-Rustenburg/18 July 2017

Chaneng clinic is in North west province of South Africa 35 km from Rustenburg and in Chaneng village serves four villages which are Mafenya, Chaneng, Robega and Rasimone(Macharora)

I have interviewed one of the nurses who is currently working at this clinic, the nurse wishes to remain anonymous to protect her job. She started to work here in 2014, she is a professional nurse and she enjoys being a nurse but now it’s so difficult to her because of the work load.

She said that they are working 12hrs shift and on day shift and they have two professional nurses and one assistant nurse. One professional nurse serve more than 80 to 100 people a day so can imagine after work how that nurse will be. “People always fight and I understand why cause they stand in the queue for a long time so they become tired” said anonymous.

She said after the two nurses who we sent by Royal Bafokeng Platinum mine left there is more work load and she also told me that the mine said they no longer have a budget to pay them so they paid them out. I asked  her what else has the mine helped with,  she said she only remember once when they gave them computers and printers and she believed that mine have to help the community because they cause the population.She believed that if the mine can help with two professional nurses and two assistant their job will be better. By Collen Raphata