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Community shot dead by Police during community protest

Community Alerts/Eunice Mampa/Ga-Mampa-Limpopo/12 July 2017

Yesterday community of Ga Mampa and Ga Phasha matched to the mine for follow up of last month because they told us that they will listen to us, we managed to stop them from working as woke at 04:00 in morning to stop workers from going to work until they listen to us but unfortunately one of our comrade Manthata Dinas was shoot by policeman and died. The policeman who shot him he is now denying.

13 July 2017

The community of GaMampa and Gaphasha are still at the mine to stop the workers from goming to work. This is the blasting that happened in front of us the first day of the strike in the operation of the mine. Manthata Tinus who died yesterday on the mine was the only son of Mmika Manthata and he was the breadwinner of his family, he used to work as a builder assistant which mixing cement for the brick layer, he was looking after his sibling, he had one sister others are deceased and left their children with their granny so Tinus was the one who took care of them and they are 11 in number

Two Cortec security officials who are suspected to be the ones that shot other guy with rubber bullet and they stabbed his tyres with knife are already arrested. IPD are still doing investigation about the police that shot Tinus. Now police are at old Moshate and we don’t know whatever they are doing with those people story.

17 July 2017

At Ga-Mampa arranging for our comrade’s funeral, mine is willing to do everything at the funeral and that’s through help of municipality of Greater Tubatse.

The funeral is going to be at Ga-Mampa village this Saturday .At Ga-Mampa we are no longer safe because sometimes during the night we hear gun and now police are around guarding trustees when we have meetings police cars pass by we don’t know what they are looking for. By Eunice Mampa