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Elected task team serving their interest only

Community Alerts/Tshepo Sibiya/Steelpoort-Limpopo/18 July 2017

In Ga- Mampuru village we held a meeting today between the two communities which is Phasha Mafate and Ga-Mampuru. 2years back we elected task team to serve the community with community development, jobs, tenders and other opportunities that may benefit the community. But things changed when they decided to benefits themselves and sell tenders and jobs or sleeping with women for jobs. And if you’re employed without their concern they take you off.

The community fought with them but they threaten everyone who stands their way. Until last month we met with deputy minister of minerals and he wrote a letter to the mine that the task team is expelled but they keep on blocking everything for the community

On Monday we arranged the meeting between Samancor chrome and new elected members of the community. But on our arrival we found the task team with other community members which they promised jobs from that mine, their aim was that the three communities must fight.

The community decided to confront the task team because they are from Mampuru and Phasha.  Things turned ugly when they started shooting the community members. So today the community held a meeting regarding the issue of shooting, we tried to open the case but we waited until today. So tomorrow we will be visiting the police station. During the meeting no one is allowed to take pictures because one is selling the community elected members, because there are people who are on hit list. This matter is still sensitive as one community lost a life. By Tshepo Sibiya