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Lonmin unfulfilled promises.     

Community Alerts/Abbey Mafate/Bapong-Rustenburg/23 July 2017

The Bapong Youth is at it again with distraction, Lonmin,  Bapo-Trans buses, tracks companies and working class feeling the punch as the streets go ablaze. An unknown source reported that a head-miner from Lonmin recently came to address the Bapo masses regarding contracts that Lonmin had apparently issued out. There were supposedly 2 contracts issued to the Bapo community stating that Lonmin would hire 600 community members at first and secondly 1200-1500 community members. The miner denied the 1200-1500 allegations and said he is only aware of the 600 members’ issue.

As a result of this miscommunication the Youth went to the streets and started a masses destruction that resulted in Bapo Trans Busses being burnt and private company trucks along with them. The current Lonmin management has been promising the community many false and fabricated jobs for a long time now so this behaviour comes as no surprise to other community members we are sick and tired of the unfulfilled promises being made and it must come to a stop. By Abbey Mafate