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Maseve mine shuts down operations to develop a new mining plan and leaves over a 1000 employees with questions of what the future holds for them

Community Alerts/Collen Raphata/Chaneng-Rustenburg/10 July 2017

The Maseve mine which is about 35km North of Rustenburg near four villages (Chaneng, Robega,Mafenya,Rasimone) South Africa North west province which is Platinum Group Metals(PTM) and a Toronto mining company. The operations have been shut down but it’s said to be for four months because the company is working on a new mining plan that will change its primary mining method as Maseve has been underperforming since 2016.

This has left 1000 mine workers with questions as the future is a bit shaky. This started after the mine contracts found the report that they don’t have to work on Friday morning on the 07th of July, they told that have to come no Monday morning on the 10th it’s where they told them that the mine have been closed for new mining plan.

The CEO Michael Jones of PGM said that there are two Mine Companies that like to bid on Maseve which are Anglo American Platinum and Royal Bafokeng Platinum and he also said they have only four month to come up with the plan until October 31 2017. By Collen Raphata