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Never “Mined” Health Effects

Community Alerts/ Olebogeng Motene/Chaneng-Rustenburg/27 July 2017

Bua mining Communities a regional organization working with 15+ villages within the BOJANALA district in North West is launching a study report with the Bench Marks Foundation called Never “Mined” Health Effects. A community survey of the state of clinics near mining communities in Rustenburg local municipalities.

The survey was conducted in the following villages: – Motlhabe, Chaneng, Thekwane, Ikemeleng, Wonderkop, Marikina, Buanjwa and Luka in 2014 after five months wage strike that took place in the Platinum mining area of Rustenburg, Bojanala District Municipality and after the Farlam Commission of Enquiry had submitted its findings to the president.

The research was undertaken by a team which included activists, academics and researchers as well as the members of the community.

The objectives of the study are as follows:-

– to enquire into the reasons for overcrowding at clinics and health provisions

– to examine how mining industry impacts on local health care facilities

– to examine if there are situations in other mining areas that could be similar to Rustenburg local municipality

-to survey the community clinic users satisfaction levels relating to clinic services.

Findings shows the following:-

-female uses the clinics more

-most commonly reasons to visit the clinic is for STD treatment, HIV and TB treatment, High blood, Asthma etc.

-people wait 1-8 hours for service

-TB is the most reason people visit the clinic

-clinics experience overcrowding

Please visit buaminingcommunities.blogspot.com for a pdf copy to read more details on the findings. By Olebogeng Motene