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New suspicious disease on the block

Community Alerts/ Gilbert Moela/Monametsi-Limpopo/21 July 2017


Today when I was watching young boys in my community playing, I noticed they have the same eye condition that parents might be ignoring and or not aware of. Most of the young boys’ eyes were brownish in colour with some of them struggling to look straight into the sun. Taking a closer look at one of them I realised that he is already developing sores on the side of the eyes. I then asked each of them if their parents have noticed the changes in their eyes, they said to me according to their parents is just a condition that will pass with the season. My worry is that kids my lose sight and or become partially blind if parents are not educated about the dangers of the disease. Hoping to do a one on one engagement with their parents just so they know the dangers the might have. By Gilbert Moela