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Road construction still a problematic issue between two wards

Community Alerts/ Tokelo Mahlakwana/Sekutlong-Limpopo/10 July 2017

On Sunday the contract man and his colleagues were electing people who are going to work on that project, they elected 24 people for that road. The question is that how possible is for 24 people to work on such a huge project?

While the rumours say they want 80 to 100 people on that project. In our minds we had a question of where will other people come from? It means the contract man will come with his group from other province or country. The ward councillor made a mistake when she elected her daughter to be a CLO.

Today on 10 July the youth of Thokoane and few from Sekutlong were gathering next to side office of the project where the Contract man, Counselor from ward 9, CLO and steering committees were having a caucus. The youth were complaining when they combined them with section that doesn’t belong to their side. They want to remove them and work with two villages that are affected by the road which is Sekutlong and Thokoane even the steering committee. We called a Counselor just alert her that we want to start afresh, for the project must stop until we sort ourselves. We manage to do that. By Tokelo Malhakwana