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Community Alerts/Tokelo Mahlakwane/Sekutlong-Limpopo/17 July 2017

The Security working at Mecklenburg hospital around Moroke village is facing a challenge with the company they are working for, company called Mabotwane Security services. The Security officer said they have month and two weeks without payment, since 1 May 2017 what they get is half pay.

On 11 July we sat down with management of Mabotwane , Board of Mecklenburg hospital, representatives from communities and Security workers. Is where we hear both stories from Employees and Employers, the employees explained on how their payments went since 1 May until now, before Mabotwane say something they put Company policies on the table and quote policy no 9 that said ” specifically the initial 15 days which remain an arrear payment. Upon termination of contract or dismissal the employee shall be entitled to all benefits due including the provident fund. Should the employee be dissatisfied then the employee shall be entitled to refer the matter to the Department of Labour who shall forthwith enforce the claim.” and they said they are paying them after they submit time sheet. The question raised that said ” does your employees know about your policy or it just be visible when coming to payments?” they respond by saying Yes but the employees said they don’t cause he never give them a chance to go through the form, he just said to us sign here and here ”  said Security officer.

The employees conclude by saying they are going to strike if on 14 July they don’t get full payments, we are afraid that if the Security strike our brothers and sisters are not safe even the tools, just because Mabotwane don’t have that sympathy on 14 the employees didn’t get their payments and what management of Mabotwane did is to hired another Security, the workers said on Saturday the taxi came with that new Security this shows they are not ready to pay them. By Tokelo Mahlakwane