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The evils of chrome operations will leave us without livestock.

Community Alerts/Moshabi Selowa/Malingine,Sekhukhune-Limpopo/02 July 2017

Let’s assume you’re minister of minerals and am writing this to you.

Dear honourable, l hope this finds you well.

As community member am concern about the chrome operations in Sekhukhune land, despite nature conservation this operation put bread on the table. Our animals are falling into holes which left un- rehabilitated.

Am suggesting this to you and your co-workers:

*May you  give communities access to operate under the permit which will include rehabilitation, but the permits charge us less than ten thousands rand in five months time.

Reason being that they just do mine and run, running after your law which include high cost rate of permit and license.

That is how l think we will survive and our animals. This donkey took three nights in a deep hole which is  five metres deep, on Sunday morning around 11:00 after l rescued it did was to graze, the worst part is it seem to be blind. We are losing our livestock daily.

Can you say YES or NO to my concern? By Moshabi Selowa