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Water Challenges in MNS-Mpumalanga

Community Alerts/Zanele Msibi/Clewer-Mpumalanga/27 July 2017

Wednesday 19/07/2017 at 11:40am we had our environmental tour in MNS we came across buckets community members queuing for water at the collection station, when we interviewed the community members they said it’s been 3 weeks without water. They come to check whether the municipality has brought water daily but not luck; water was brought to the area after we spoke to the mayor

The same day from 3-7pm we had a public participation in banquet hall in Witbank municipality premises the mayor was one of the panellist she was asked whether she was aware of the situation at MNS and yes she was because on Monday I went back to MNS to check water was brought to the community. By Zanele Msibi