Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Fungurume Community

  1. Relocations

The consequences of physical relocation:

  • loss of means of living
  • difficult to obtain ownership certification
  • people relocated to isolated camps far away from the big city Fungurume
  1. Environmental Pollution

Consequences of pollution:

  • poor soil
  • abnormal shape of born babies
  • despoliation of animals and vegetation as well
  • Pollution of the rivers
  • People lose agricultural land
  • Economic impacts
  • Pollution des routes
  1. Presence of sexually transmitted diseases
  1. Pollution of the rivers

The consequences:

  • disappearances of some species in the streams
  • community can no longer use the steam for household water
  • presence of minerals in the stream
  1. Relocation of owners of agricultural land
  • cultivation of land rare
  • cultivation of land takes place far away from the village
  • insecuritie alimentaire
  • perte de almeirs fruitries
  • improductive de terre appin coles
  1. Economic Impacts
  • Pollution de routes
  • Disparto espece