Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Kawama Community Report

Problems arising from mining

  1. No agreement between the people from the community and mining community to consider problems and people’s concerns
  2. Pollution of community’s water and air
  3. The soil is polluted and land is taken by the mine
  4. The people are prohibited to pass certain areas in order to reach the rail station by the mine security
  5. Fruit trees are affected
  6. Destruction of houses by company
  7. Non completion of the Kawama school
  8. Non completion of the only health center which construction was sponsored by the Beligians
  9. The presence of an open cast mine
  10. Unemployment
  11. Diseases due to dirty water, birth defects and breathing difficulties
  12. Loss of earning due to loss of fields for production
  13. Sexual violence and spread of STD’s
  14. Lack of fresh air
  15. Huge ditches which allows mosquitos to multiple the cause of malaria
  16. Drowning
  17. No Shelter, expose to rain and weather, Financial crisis death
  18. No access to health care, people auto medicate and this creates drug related problems
  19. Large numbers of children don’t go to school, their parents are unemployed.

Community Action

The Belgian company left. A Chinese company started operations.

There is not settlement between the people and the mine.

We went to the traditional chief. We wrote a letter asking appointment to meet the new officials

We wanted to talk about unemployment, pollution of the water, loss of fruit trees, soil pollution.

The population increased from 4000 to 11,000.

We wanted the price of schooling to be lowered.

We want locals to be employed.

We wanted compensation. We went to court between 2009-2016.


There is no development plan.

There are no harmonized plans.