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Over 2651 mine workers families will face poverty soon.

Community Alerts/Moshabi Selowa/Maligine-Limpopo/31 July 2017


Bokoni platinum mine announced the possibility of mine closure early last week, 2651 mine workers would lose their jobs due to bad financial state of operations.

This will also affect the community as some various things like roads, local community borehole maintenance. And our livestock will also end up drinking waste water worse as there should be no much water control from their dams. This will also bring us question of will our municipality control dust due to bad roads and the mine dumps?, dust which is currently not controlled by Bokoni platinum.

And who will these issues/grievances be addressed to? How? These will results confusion to our community. However this has been agreed to by the Mine unions, l wonder if they looked the community related issues regarding mine impact. Our traditional authorities have gains beautiful houses so they don’t consider their residents much.

Rivers are on low flow rate of water, some are dry, the rooms behind our backyards will remain empty, and business will fall down as our community economic cycle is solely depended on mining after the relocation. The mine staff members took our community budget for their own agendas.

We had a good live which was centred on agriculture and that was destroyed by the mining activities. By Moshabi Selowa