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Youth from countries in southern Africa meet in Johannesburg

Community Alerts/ Sbu Hlolweni/Secunda-Mpumalanga/20 August 2017

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is a leadership program, organized by the White House in Washington (USA). The program was started by former president of United States of America, Mr. Barak Obama with the aim to train African leaders and to shape a better future of Africa.

The youth from 14 countries of Southern Africa are now gathered in Midrand, Johannes burg since August 14. The program will last until the 8th of September.

Among other challenges that the youth of the SADC region are agreeing to resolve is the issue of mining houses that continue to abuse our mineral resources, while the mining communities continue to suffer the consequences of mineral exploitation in Africa. The leaders have noted the environmental impact the mining houses leave behind in our communities after the minerals have been extracted.

The leaders have noted the 70% local initiative taken by the youth of Secunda, in Mpumalanga and have praised the idea to be practical and achievable. The idea is to force the mining houses to recruit 70% local Labour and use 70% of material and other resources needed for their mining operation.

Decisions are yet to be taken and implementation strategies to achieve an African radical economic transformation. By Sbu Hlolweni