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Another cow dies at the mine polluted stream

Mmathapelo Thobejane/ Morapaneng,Limpopo/020917

Despite the long process and challenges of SEJN and Farmers, cattle continue to die in the mine stream.
Mr Thobejane from Morapaneng noticed that his cattle was missing and he went out to look for it. He found his cow at the mine stream stuck in the mud. He then called us for help. He was so stressed. We helped him drag the the cow out of the stream. He was scared that this cow would die anytime. How he could not save the cow. He realised that the could would die in a few hour’s time. He decided to slaughter the cow to feed the family.

What’s painful is that the meat may not be good for people to eat? This is how communities are destroyed and left with nothing because of mining.