Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Bokoni Platinum promises to repair cracked houses

Moshabi Selowa/Bokoni/Limpopo/020917

The lawyer Richard spoor yesterday visited the Malengine section of the Monametse community. The issue was the cracked houses and other problems such as toilets, water and road infrastructure.

The mine told our lawyers that they will repair the cracks in the houses. They will appoint engineers agreed by both community reps, mine reps, and two lawyers for both parties.

The company promised to start their work with consultation of community reps on the 4th of September.
The company also agreed to improve our infrastructures like roads and toilet basins as well as the water streams.

The community was worried that the company would not keep their promises. The lawyers promised to keep watching every step taken by company. The community members agreed on that with trust and hope.

We are very happy that the company has agreed to give us the following documents:

1) Report of relocation in black and white.
2) The agreement also in black and white.

We see this as progress.