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Cattle Theft in Robega


Many people in Robega ba iphidisa ka leruo to provide for their families because there is no job opportunities around Robega even though is surrounded by local Mines such as RBPlats owned by The Royal Bafokeng. They find that to go iphidisa ka leruo is the only way to survive since the cost of living is too high. That’s how people in rural area lives.

On the month of August actually between July and August something happened that shocked the owners of cattle and the community. Cattle were stolen from their camps by a cattle guard(Badisa). The owners called the police. As we all know that SAPS lacks somewhere somehow, so the owners ba itsela molao matsogong tried to find that cattle guard lucky on their own. They found him at Number 8 at Luka Village but he was empty handed. They told him to go back to fetch those cattle. He returned with half of the cattle. Even today the cattle hasn’t been returned to the owners and their camps is still empty. The cattle guard has be arrested and is still in jail.

Robega is under Royal Bafokeng.As we all know that The Bafokeng are traditional people. The other night community heard cattle noises at their camps around 1am baletsa phala thinking that incident its happening again, only to find an owner was delivering his cattle. This was strange because that tradition is that were where there is a Royal Family, cattle are not supposed to arrive around midnight. Furthermore, those cattle had no mark no sign no papers. A mark explains that cattle is from this owner to that owner it’s like a birthmark. Around 7am the police arrived to find out amazing things like no mark etc. Clearly those cattle were stolen somewhere out of Robega. In other words, they stole cattle from other villages that are far away from here and bring those cattle here. They also stole Robega’s cattles and sell them somewhere far away. Like imports and exports. The matter is still in police’s hands and the owner who paid R6000, today his cattle is no longer there.

The Cattles Owners asked The Mines to help them to find proper camps with security somewhere far from where people live, because people can’t live with animals it can affect their health. But the Mines doesn’t do anything at all even to provide with cattle foods and shelters for cattle’s guarders. Where the guarders live there is no water no electricity no toilets and no good shelters ba phela ko molapong, it can affect their health as human beings.