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Development has given birth to crime in the Rustenburg CBD

Olebogeng Motene/ Rustenburg/110917

Rustenburg in the North West Provence is one of the fastest growing cities in South Africa today. Rustenburg known as the platinum City produces 70% of the country’s platinum reserves which are slowly been mined out. The city’s rapid growth has led to developments such as the Rapid Transport System and the buses will be called “Ya Rona”. It is alleged that due to the construction of the road for the buses the security cameras throughout the CBD have been disabled. This has led to an increase in crime (mugging and pit pocketing) leaving most people unsafe.
Today we woke to reports that at the Chicken Licken one of the longest serving employee was stabbed to death last night because she refused to give the criminals her phone when they mugged her. It also alleged that there is a syndicate operating within the CBD mugging innocent people and if people attempted to assist they gang up on whoever is assisting.

On the 25th of July and again on the 3rd of August I myself was a victim of this criminals and posted this on Facebook as a notice to my fellow Rustenburg citizen to be aware of the crime taking place.

On the 25th July some lame thug almost stole my phone, fortunately I felt it leave my pocket and asked him what he was doing. He started to curse me calling me a lesbian that needed a lesson and I let it go because ga a topa nix.
Today as I was walking out the tunnel next to that new butchery “Frozen something” a similar incident occurred. This time a dirty low life human went for my backpack, shortly after I left the FNB ATM in the Trans building. He opened my backpack and took out my cell phone and laptop chargers and had a knife to cut the bottom part to enable him to take the laptop. The lady next to me pushed me to make me aware and he started to curse her out. I was helped by bystanders who helped me retrieve my belongings. To the lady who pushed me and two guys who helped, God be with you and thank you. Again ga a topa nix and my belongings are intact
The current development has been highly distractive, several car accidents as there is insufficient traffic officials deployed to ensure smooth traffic, there is less police enforcement they mostly drive around instead of walking to ensure people’s safety. It is sad that a mother and wife has lost her life at the hands of criminals who mainly exist as a result of high drug usage and unemployment in Rustenburg.