Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Family Break down in Magobading

Neria Koma/Magobading,Limpopo,

I am Neria Koma and I stay at Magobading. We have faced with the problem of a family in ga Makgoo . Recently children at ga Makgoo burned lit a candle inside the house and and set the bed on fire. They were busy looking for porridge. The mother of the baby was not there. She plays the cards and she did not stay at home all along.
The children in other words they did not have the care of their mother. If it can be possible the children must be taken away from their mother to the an orphans place. Maybe this is where they would get love and care. Social workers must take the SASSA (grant ) cards from their parents who do not care about children. As women we do not feel happy about the situation of the at ga Makgoo.