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Farmers claim their space

Mmathapelo Thobejane/Maotsi,Limpopo/110917

Today at Twickenham shaft the task team from the five affected communities of Maotsi gathered to witness the sampling of the mine stream and Motse river. SEJN members, Mmathapelo and Tokelo were represented by their 2 members. The team included two local farmers or livestock owners. After the meeting we had last week the farmers requested to be consulted when the sampling was happening. The sampling of water related to their case with mine about the dying of their livestock as a result of drinking water from the mine stream. Today the manager of the Water Quality team in the District of Sekhukhune joined Twickenham Mine environmental department. They took samples in the ipper stream which is in the mine premises, the midstream ( where livestock drink water) and the downstream ( where the main River and mine stream joined ).All samples were taken to be tested for chemicals and metals. now the community is waiting patiently for the result from the mine, government and private at the University of Venda).