Tunatazama - Community Monitors


LG Buda/Rustenburg/130917

This poem wasn’t written as a poem but as a message.

Walking mermaids,
Coming from the big river.
Traveling the globe in
Search of blood and breath.
Gave mirror in return of our reputation, dignity, culture and our tradition.

Come 1994, come, Democracy, “my foot”.
Hero of us all, sold us all.
Trying to negotiate, peace, and not
Seeing the other side of the wall,
and left us in a worsened situation.

Papers flying under the tables
Agreements made with glasses of Scotch
Rewards of billion, billionaire houses,
Expensive cars, a fancy life
Whilst we still live in kraals.

The monster in our eyes
that we hardly recognize,
Cruel, evil, dangerous and
eager to end all of our kind.
Whilst we still praise it day and night for a better life , bribery of food, Ching-ching ,black suits, shiny shoes, dignity and reputation.

Our legends, our brothers
Use to spread the message in lyrics,
poems, movies, art, and today we
fear to take it out, our own
man in brutal uniforms with star
batches worsening their own brothers’ lives
Yet you call it democracy? “Shame on you”.

We still live in a world
divided into two,
superior and inferior
rich man and poor man
let u share a bench so you’d
call it Democracy
Cry the plants, cry the animals,
Rivers dry on
Africa bleeds
Black Man’s sweat,
Superior ones wealthiness
and dignity “Sies” whilst
the richer are getting richer
every day, and the poor
man remains one way
and they say that’s the way
they got to stay, all because
of this one monster,