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Land case postponed

Kennedy Pholose/Mafikeng/150917

Royal Bafokeng Authority vs Bafokeng Land Buyers Association 999/8 Appeal Case in Mafikeng has been postponed hours before hearing last week on the 7th September 2017. According to BLBA legal representatives Legal Resource Centre the case was postponed because the judges insisted even though both parties tried hard to convince them not to. LRC said it appeared that the Registrar of the Court made a few mistakes, for example the Royal Bafokeng Nation’s Heads of Argument was not in the Judge’s file and one of the Judges received an extra bundle of documents relating to the Ron Cross appeal. For these reasons they refused to hear the matter and blamed the correspondent attorneys for not checking on the Registrar ‘s mistakes. The LRC are astonished as they had never seen such unreasonable behaviour from the Judges and they suspect that the most important reason was that, the Judges did not want to hear the case because the Registrar only gave them the files on Tuesday and they did not want to read that much in 4 days. The Legal Resource Centre and Royal Bafokeng Nation’s attorneys met with the Judges several times on Wednesday and Thursday and when it was clear that the judges would not hear the matter. Both parties agreed to postpone it to avoid it struck from the roll completely. The LRC flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg on Thursday and were on the way to Mafikeng when their attorneys told them to turn around and fly back as Judges won’t hear them.