Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Magobadeng hall turned into a cattle kraal


Ka ge re le badudi magobading since from 2007 mine o re tshephixa go re direla hall Ka boswa go fihla le lehono rena re le setshaba ga re tsebe gore re eme mo kae;ga e na le mabati ;mafasetere ceiling ;ga e na le di toilet ;ga e na le fence. Gona bjale mo hall go fetogile boralokelo bja bana ebile e fetogile leshaka la diphoofolo ;gona bjale rena setshaba sa magobading re hloka mo elego gore reka re ge re na le morero ra kgona go ka dula gona

The mine has promised to renovate Magobading community hall since 2017 till today that promised has not been fulfilled. The Hall has since turned into a kraal and kids also play in it, Furthermore it does not have windows and doors nor toilets and a fence. The community needs the hall for functions and events.

Ka ge re le badudi ba magobading ge re thoma go dula magobading ka di 03 September 2003 di street lights tsa mine sa le re di bona di lighter gona moo. Gona bjale mine ga o re selo ka di street lights tsa rena mola rena le bana ba sepela boshego

Magobading community were relocated on the 03rd September 2003.At the time the street lights were properly functioning but since then the lights were off.We have members of the youth who are walking at night and the lights were to safeguard them but the Twickenham mine does not say or do anything to fix them.