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Mine Workers and community protest in Lephalale

Andries Mocheko/Lephalale,Limpopo/140917

Revolutionary greetings leadership;

The workers a the Tša Lephalale, Grootegeluk coal mine known as Exxaro who are on strikes are going on a protest march from the the township called Marapong to Exxaro. The Maim road is closed by the protestors (mine workers and Marapong residents). The protestors closed down the Exxaro mine,

The demands of the protestors are: land, water, housing and employment.The protestors say that the Grootegeluk coal mine (Exxaro) has been mining in this area over 30 years. As Lephalale residents we still poor but they making billions and billions.

The current situation right now is that all roads which go to the big companies in Lephalale (Limpopo) Exxaro coal mine, Matimba Power station and Medupi Power station are closed. An Exxaro bus was burned down

Update 150917

Group 5 company buses and several buildings have been set alight. Exxaro management vehicles have been vandalized, bushes have been set alight and streets been piling up with rubbish in the Marapong townships.

The strike shows no ending point according to Exxaro employees and community. All shop Stewards from the union within the mine have been asked to join the protest.

The mine has closed all its operations until further notice due to safety precautions in and around the mine.

Update 160917
Today the situation is calm and police presence is on alert.
The is no guarantee that the won’t be any gathering by Exxaro employees and community today.


SAPS Says it condemns in the strongest possible terms, acts of violence which erupted yesterday in Marapong township by protesting Exxaro employees and Marapong Community.