Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Worker and Community Problems in Burgersfort

Mputi Thobejane/ Burgersfort/150917

Poor Service at the Burgersfort clinic.

Since 2005 the community has been complaining about the poor service that they get from the nurses at the Mahubahuba Bothasoek Clinic in Burgersfort. When a child is sick they can’t help you without his or her clinic card so they tell you to go back home with him or her. Just imagine if the child get worse on your way home. One day they left a woman to give birth outside the clinic and even when you are HIV positive they break their doctors confidentiality and they tell others that you have been diagnosed with HIV. One more thing they can’t help people without singing and praying early in the morning. Sometimes they have a lack of medicine

Water problems in Bothasoek Burgersfort.

Since I arrived here on 1997 we have been struggling to have water. When you need water you have to go far to fetch it or you have to pay R1 for 25 litre. Bothasoek Burgersfort is under Tobatse Fetakgomo municipality (ANC). We only get water when it’s time for the vote but after that we won’t get the water anymore. Even today we have a serious problem we often go thirsty, because if you don’t have money you can’t drink water. The women and men have made a plan of taking water from the dam but they couldn’t go through with it because the police and and LG workers have pulled their pipes, so that they won’t have the water to drink and they have lost the money that they spent to buy those pipes. Each each person have spent R600 for nothing. What a waste of energy and money. T

Farmworkers badly treated
The owner of Motsepula N7 the first farm of Kgetlane lodge has been hiring the “zenoforbias” ( foreign workers) .They don’t allow the local Sotho people to work on their farm. The owner is treats his workers badly. If you are a temporary worker you won’t even get a blue card (unemployment insurance card) for the work that you did for over three months. The farm is on the Lydenburg Road just outside Burgersfort.

Contract workers not paid
The Community of Steelpoort complain about Eastern Mine (Thorncliffe) contractors. Workers are not paid. When they demand their money their boss threaten to fired them without getting their money. HE lets them work without signing a contract agreement The name of one of the contractors is Serso Trading Project. They hired the “zenofobias”( foreign workers, because they know that they won’t complain about the small salary