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Community dump illegally due to municipality poor service delivery

Community Alerts/Jack Botopela/Ikemeleng-Rustenburg/09 Oct 17

The Rustenburg local municipality does do not render most services to the Ikemeleng community, in Kroondal few Kilometres out Rustenburg CBD. The community has illegal dumping sides across the area and that results in bad smell and children play on this dump sites because there are no recreational facilities within the area.
Most residents dump dead animal, livestock and pets would feed off these corpses and more bad odorj to the general community even the responsible community members suffer from this bad habit and municipality non- existing rubbish collection service. This dumpsite is a serious health risk to the community especially to children.
Children fall ill from playing in these dumps and getting in contact with dead animals, used diapers, sanitary pads and condoms. This has been a problem for years only hope is for the community to receive education on recycling, municipality rendering proper services to the community and local mines surrounding the community to assist in developing the community with proper recreational facilities. By Jack Botopela