Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Crime has taken RBN by storm

Collen Raphata/Chaneng/

The Royal Booking Nation is in North West of South Africa province near the well-known hotel Sun City under the leadership of (Kgosi Leruo Molotlhegi).
Since the beginning of this year, 21 schools and the Kgotla Offices that have been broken into by criminals.

This group of criminals took computers and equipment like stoves, TVs and kettles. They took money they found.

They always break windows and door to get into the premises. They even go through the roof. They have broken in more done eleven times in three years at the OVC Center which was where a Community Hall in Phokeng village was based in the Lefaragatlha section. They forced the Department of Health and Recreation of the RBN to move the City Centre to new building .
Phokeng Trauma Centre which took a lot of money of the community to be build, these criminals have taken the doors and computers of the offices.

Community members believe that its because of the Mines Companies that are all over are land that causes the whole things, because you will fine people coming here to find jobs and when they don’t they become criminals