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Dangerous impact of road which currently under maintenance and care.

Community Alerts/Moshabi Selowa/Sekhukhune-Limpopo/01 Oct 17

The 2200 litters truck watering road to Braakfontein sometimes is clear in color. We sometimes experience problem of no water on road, the road remains dry and dusty which the residents healing the blowing of dust from Monametsane at first impact shaft of Um1, Um2 via Braakfontein whereby the children use to cross or using particular road to travel to schools primary and secondary.
This shows clearly during windy time, this brownish water added chemical which smell badly especially during hot days, if this road lacking water it’s also impact even residents as their main transportation way to R37 road.
The question is how can we negotiates about the impact as the mine take advantage of shutdown from this October month and never been consulted about situation while acting General Manager out of authority everyone is on exit position.