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I am Black

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda /Motlhabe-Rustenburg/09 Oct 17
Are you Black?
Are you white?
They say we the same,
Are we the same?
Never been one,
I’m Black.

Black man hunt,
Black man do not
lead the world to an end,
Black man do not pray,
Come 14th century,
All changed.

I had the land,
Got bribed by a
white color man
Now left with a Black Red book,
And a forgiving heart, after all d slavery,
Killing and suffering,
Employed in my father’s land
Stranger in my own land.
I am still Black

Softness have left the dark man in black,
Softness worsens the situation
Black goes Back,
Is apartheid really Over?
U call it democracy, WHY?
Because your president is BLACK?
Black man are you free?
I’m Black!
By Buda