Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Old People versus Youth

Mmathapelo /Morapaneng/190917

Today the Maotsi communities where gathered at Ga Mapea Hall Morapaneng for the nomination of the new Community Engagement Forum (CEF) to represent the Maotsi Communities at the Mine Twickenham. The contestant was 1 (youth) and the other one is an old person. The community argued on who would be suitable to represent the community, Youth or Old person? From the reasons the community gave was that the youth was given an opportunity to represent the community from 2010-2017 but nothing has been done for Maotsi community. So the community argued that what the youth do is to buy big cars for themselves. They did not care about the community. They also raised that now the community did not have a hall, proper roads and was jobless, they encouraged youth to focus on finding some jobs. The next meeting was scheduled to be held at Ditoebeleng village.