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Pain and burden of women who don’t have access to electricity must use wood as alternative

Zanele Msibi/Phola/250917

This lady resides at Phola, Emalahleni municipality in the side of South 32 new development houses.Last year they were relocated from Klipplat farm to Phola where the mine built houses for them. But they don’t have electricity

The problem with houses which does not have electricity is that woman is forced to go and collect wood after knocking off at work round about 4pm. It is so dangerous in the forest where they pick up wood. Women have been raped here.

As a woman she feels like the life that they are living under is frustrating and hard.It is so difficult but at the same time they said they are in democracy and still they are not free.
They feel betrayed and taken for granted

The issue of not having access to electricity is not solved up to now, The municipality is not responding and together with mine they are quiet. The people carry on suffering