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Taxi owners protest against school bus company

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/28 Sep 2017

The Moses Kotane Local Municipality (MKLM) has provided the Kgalatlowe Secondary School with 5 buses as the school hosts pupils from about 7 different communities around Motlhabe.

The buses are owned by somebody from Limpopo province. Taxi owners complain that the municipality did not communicate local taxi owners who have have been providing learners with transport for decades now.They find it unfair for them to be just taken out of the picture without their consent.

The taxi owners have requested for support from the communities. But the communities are not willing to support them because the communities really benefit from the existence of the buses.

These school buses are really helpful because they help a lot with traveling learners, now :
-they do not come home late.
-the are no late comers at school.
-they do not get enough chance for dating after school.
-it reduces the number of drop outs who drop out due to not affording the transport fee.

The taxi owners aren’t strong yet with their protest because they not supported by the communities.