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Relocated Communities of Leseding struggle after relocation

Community Alerts/ Francina Nkosi /Lephalale-Limpopo/19 Oct 17
At Lephalale in Steenbokpan there is a place called Leseding
It was formed after the communities from farm areas Ralebati, Tweespan, Klaimberg, Suiferbelt were relocated to Leseding in 2007.

According to Jeremiah who lived in one of these communities, they left the graves of their loved ones. He went back one day to visit the graves of his family He found them destroyed. He tried to do follow ups but with no luck he couldn’t succeed.

They came up with the idea of doing illegal connection of water taps for them to survive. Community just recently got Electricity in September 2017 and they still use pit toilets.
Multipurpose was built in 2012 but it doesn’t benefit the community because it is always closed and they need permission from municipality to use it.
There is no Secondary School, Preschool, Clinic, Police Station and no community hall. Mobile Clinic comes around 9:30 until 16:00 during the week only, as for weekends they need to call the Ambulance for emergencies or hire a car to take the patient to Ellisras Hospital in town.
They still lack service delivery from Lephalale Municipality.