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Communities Pay for Roads Destroyed by mines

102017 Josphat Makaza/Chiadzwa

When mining started our roads to Chiadzwa diamonds fields were well maintained and gravelled after every five years. The use of heavy mining equipment and trucks by mining companies had reduced our roads into mere narrow strip pathways resembling roads that are dangerous and disastrous. This state of roads has forced transport operators to double their fares. From Chiadzwa diamonds to Mutare a distance of 70 km, the communities are being charged US$10 whilst a distance of 270 km Mutare to Harare operators are charging US$7. Police road blocks have to do with diamond security and not unjustified fares by tour operators. The government is doing nothing to protect the community. The communities are exposed to the highest transport costs in Zimbabwe due to the poorest road network. This has driven the community into a poverty stricken area despite having the highest probable reserves of diamond world over. Mines create a problem, transport operators make it worse and communities pay for the roads.

CCDT. J. Makaza.