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Ex diamond workers problems mounts

111917 Billian Matambo/Marange Chiadzwa
After the closure of various mining in Chiadzwa which 2000 workers were retrenched the relocated ex-workers now find life so hard. With failure to get thousands of dollars owed to them by the dysfunctional companies also not getting the promised opportunities in the restructured ZCDC, the families are exposed to poverty and starvation. As if this is not enough the houses they were given are already collapsing due to the poor materials used and they fear for their lives in the event of heavy rains. Due to lack of any alternative income generating activities and unemployment the workers are forced by the situation to engage in illigal gold panning along Mutare River near Arda Transau, creating an environment of “cats and dogs” with the law enforcement officers. “Some of us has resorted to selling food items and other stuff which we smuggled from the neighbouring Mozambique which also put us at risk with Zimra officers” said a former worker. They said they have no option since they are failing to pay a minimum of $10 as cash is so hard to come by. Mrs Myness Matanda a relocated resident said voting for them might also became a thing of the past since registration requires proof of residence which is a letter from a local leaders or water bill statement .She said they don’t have the water bills since they are falling to pay and the council closed their taps and the community are getting unsafe water from Odzi River. The chance to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming 2018 election is doomed.
@billian Matambo Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers Union