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Izinyokas leaves our community in the dark

Community Alerts/Jack Botopela/Ikemeleng-Rustenburg/21 Oct 17

The Ikemeleng community has lot of unemployed youth. Most of them resort to crime, and their criminal activity has left part of the community in the dark as they cut off electricity cables to sell at scrap yards.
The area has been struggling to get electricity for years. The installation process also took years and thus far there is part of the community with no connection. With constant Izinyoka (theft of electricity cables) crimes some community members end up fixing the cables themselves as Eskom takes time to fix and reconnect. Leaving cables lying around is not safe as it may electrocute community members especially children. Children play on the streets of Ikemeleng as there are no recreational facilities.The community has been complaining to the local councilor for intervention.